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This lowered the radiation count as measured by instruments at the time.

It was an action which ensured that over the course of the following years, the dust was more mobile and the soil more fragile than had the poison been properly removed or indeed, had nothing at all had been done.

The veterans of the British bomb tests, knowing with a growing certainty over the years (they were told little at the time, were lied to and learnt the hard way – by watching their mates die of new viral illnesses and unusual illnesses, by watching many of their children suffer genetic illness, and by conversing with veterans from other countries), that they had ingested radioactive elements, became interested in preventing any further damage to themselves, their families and their future generations.

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I do not know if any journalist present at the pronouncement had the presence of mind to ask why the ANU felt it necessary to make public announcements regarding what was being presented as a typical dust storm. It is a dry and empty land, an ideal place to play about with the building blocks of matter.

The wind, desert storms and miles of emptiness would keep the mess left in the play pen out of public view.

Some of the money has been used to compensate survivors of the Voyager Disaster. The source of the funding, reducing the available pool for the express purpose for which it was created is a matter of concern for afflicted A bomb veterans and families 5 The Government contends that the money was paid for no specific reason by the UK to Australia.

The Ones Least Considered CONTENTS WATER Page 4 of 16 file://D:\atomic\WATER\WATER.

HTM 7/6/03 Australian water storage facilities generally hold water which has fallen over large catchment areas.

The dry, unstable and in many places, damaged soil is highly mobile and is moved over vast areas by wind and water.

Partial Background – The Atomic Ex-Servicemenís Association Together with the older members of the Atomic Ex-Servicemenís Association, we do at least know what to ask for on our regular rounds of letter writing and archive searching.

Lots of information has gone “missing” from government information and book depositories, usually just prior to the Association finding its location or prior to the expiration of secrecy time limits.

Many, many Aboriginal people died, suffered illness, and were dispossessed.

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