Dg834g not updating dyndns bridedating powered by vbulletin

Both LAN and WAN addresses are normally on the netgear's status page; presumably while the dhcp negotiation is in progress, the layout changes just a bit and fools ddclient.I've put a nasty hack in for the moment into the end of subroutine get_ip that checks for my local LAN addresses and returns undef if so set.But with the HTTP Basic Authentication the ":" can not be used.

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Lastly, make the the host you have ddclient set to update is actually in the group on our site. Thanks Kurt On Aug 28, 2013, at AM, Adam Funk If the encoding is done right on ddclient you can use the group password by altering the username sent to us.

So the fix is to replace it with the url encoded form of a colon or optionally a pound "#" symbol.

This I'm guessing is down to a timing glitch - it seems the lease on that address expired, and a new address was allocated by the dhcp server.

A minute later, ddclient picks up a proper WAN ip address.

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Example file entries: ## single host update protocol=noip, \ [email protected], \ password=noip-password \ myhost.I hope support will continue - I've just switched to using no-ip from dyndns, who've started making life expensive. Maybe a check for all "impossible" WAN addresses could usefully be incorporated in get_ip() as a back-stop to problems elsewhere.

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