Dictionary definition of dating

However, be aware that crushes can develop into friendships, which could develop into relationships. Merriam-Webster: a person who you like and enjoy being with; one attached to another by affection or esteem; a favored companion.

Urban Dictionary: people who are aware of how ridiculous you are and still manage to be seen in public with you.

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As singles become more mobile and attend religious services less frequently, community organizations such as clubs and churches have decreased in importance.

Cyber dating provides an appealing alternative to singles bars, and new technologies such as broadband and digital cameras have made browsing profiles and uploading photos easier than ever.

Americans spent $302 million on cyber dating that year, making it the most profitable market on the Web.

This interest is fueled by growing numbers of singles—a record 40 percent of American adults are single, and half of them visited online dating sites in 2003.

Cyber dating has grown in popularity and respectability since the advent of online personals in the mid-1990s.

Computer dating began in the 1960s, when scientists used mainframe computers to match people based on interests and appearances.

Cyber dating also signals significant changes in dating and marriage trends: Americans are marrying later in life, which makes them less likely to meet partners in high school or college.

Workplace romances are dwindling, partly due to the rise in sexual harassment suits.

You've reached the point where you're more than friends.

You like the other person, they like you, but no official label has been placed on anything.

Merriam-Webster: saying words in order to express your thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc., to someone.


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