Dj fuji dating skills review updating the 1950 ranch style home

in back to back episodes directors majorly goofed up, and placed cast on his right arm in one episode and then on left arm in the next episode and then back to right arm?I caught this last night watching I think just before he has it removed it happends.. *Funny This drama was so good, all casts were fantastic, the storyline, etc.

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It was recently featured on our OMNI network broadcast here earlier in the year, must have gotten picked up from the high ratings in SK as mentioned in these posts.

Warm regards from a viewer in Canada, Pierson I've watched three of this writers work and they are some of my favorites. In many ways this was your standard family Kdrama, with its emphasis on family relationships, family values.

God bless all for giving us excellent entertainment! there are those who are "bad" but in the end, they alk turned over a new the arrogant and spoilt hyo sang(HAH!!

) suddenly turned into such a docile little lamb under sam do's constant so cute when he told his wife that he loves sewing nowadays(ji yeon's face is priceless) ..

crews i can't get over it & wished this was extended to 100 episodes! i'm having the withdrawal angst about this but the one good news is that the lead actors LDG & JYH are dating in real life!

We congratulate you both & have a long lasting relationship!

a very entertaining drama i think this is one of da best i've ever watched!

kudos to all the writer, the lead actors, & i always find the character of tae yong & hyun woo to be delightful, both have been great young actors, i also admire cha in pyo being so comical in here with his co actor wife, such funny acting, lee dong geun has been one of my favorite actors since lovers in paris n he he's once again proved his potential, i also like the actress jo hyun hee - she made me cry!

he no longer that power crazy brat but a guy who brags he did the curtains for their bedroom(LOL). I cannot wait for a new and refreshing family oriented drama like this one. If I'm correct, weekend dramas of KBS are always number 1 in the ratings chart. My Husband Got A Family Seo-young My Daughter You Are the Best Soon Shin Wang's Family Wonderful Days What Happens to My Family House of Bluebird All About Mom Five Enough The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop.

Even hyo joo made peace with her stepmum(aigoo..aigoo) and that is such a nice smile she gave when she called ms ko "mum". This is one of the best, so rich in values and culture , my favorite indeed. I'm really addicted to watching KBS dramas every Sat and Sun, keep up the good work for tge next family drama.

My weekends are definitely not the same without it. Every couple has their own love story and that's what makes this drama worth watching.

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