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For similar reasons, and because it was originally envisaged as a tool for emerging markets, it has been built to run on as many devices as possible.So even old and unsupported phones will be able to run Messenger Lite, unlike the far more exclusive full-fat Messenger app.Do comment if you have any confusion and let me know if you want any other guide like this on ANDROID and must share this with your friends and colleagues to make them feel good.

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And finally, it strips out many of the extra features that have been added to Facebook Messenger in recent years.

Since it has been reduced only to a chat app, it doesn't have features like Facebook's personal assistant or it's new Snapchat-like selfie lenses.

Moreover, you can also make a backup of a modified android app and get the new apk file.

If you want the old app back, you can even restore the application and hence the previous version will be restored.

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There's a hidden, much better version of Facebook Messenger.

And you probably want to start using it straight away.

It can be downloaded as normal, through the Google Play Store, and you can keep both the light and full-sized version of the app on your phone if you wish. It requires far less data, making it cheaper and easier to use on expensive or bad connections.

The code powering the app is slimmed down, and it also can't receive big files like photos or gifs, meaning that those things won't tax your data connection either.

In so doing, it cuts out the most intensive things that run when Messenger is open, allowing users to save space, use less data and generally avoid the many additional features that have made their way into Messenger recently.

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