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At 5 feet 8 inches, Helen towers over the 5 foot 1 inch tall Felix, and the couple admits that people sometimes stare at them in the street.

They both had their reassignment operations on September 13 - Helen in 2003 and Felix in 2010 - so they thought it would be a fitting date for their wedding.

The couple, who have been together for six years, were forced to change gender on their birth certificates before they could elope to Scotland and get married.

Her fiancé, 25-year-old Louis Davies, was born a girl and now lives as a man.

They got engaged following a whirlwind nine month romance, but say that they won't marry until they have both completed their transgender journey and undergone surgery.

The GP sent Felix to see a psychologist, who put him in touch with Helen because she ran a transgender support group.

"I married my wife one year ago, and both of us want to swap our roles by means of sex reassignment surgery," said a man who wished to use the alias Chen Li.Barry had a sex change and now shares his life with Anne as part of a same-sex relationship.Anne, 53, admitted that she had "grieved for the loss of Barry," but she added, 'There were sides to Jane that I enjoyed getting to know - we can now have a laugh and talk about hair, clothes and make-up." Anne decided to go ahead with the second ceremony, proving to Jane and to the world that she accepts her new spouse for who she is.Alexis and Karen are the names currently on their respective DNI under the law that passed in May 2012, according to which any person may “request the modification registration of sex, and the change of name and image when it doesn't coincide with self-perceived gender identity.” Alexis perceives himself as male despite being born in a female body, and Karen perceives herself as female but her genitals are those of a male.Alexis and Karen met, fell in love, and decided to become parents.That's why Alexis left his male hormone treatment and, after a period of time, became pregnant.


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