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Besides these movies, Eddie has become famous starring in many other films and winning a lot of awards.

Eddie is well known for his menacingly dark and glaring eyes.

During his career, he earned the MTV award and a Saturn Sci-Fi award for the best young actor.

Starring in American Heart in 1992, Eddie for awarded the best supporting actor.

When he was 15, Eddie got romantically attached to Jacqueline Domac, his 29 year old tutor, during filming.

This led to Eddie being emancipated, when he was just 16 years.

This could have led to the split with Domac and Eddie.

As a young actor in Terminator-2: Judgment Day Eddie played John Conner and this was his biggest box office hit of the 1990s.With all the disputes with former wife and girlfriends, child support payment and ongoing legal problems. On 23rd August 2012, Furlong complained to the police that his wallet got stolen soon after a stranger in Skid Row, Los Angeles showed him directions to a place.However, with his acting career and having starred in many films, quoting various roles, Richard Furlong has an estimated networth of around 0 thousand.Their relationship has been acrimonious since their 2009 split.Furlong was in a relationship with his much-older former tutor, Jacqueline Domac, for several years (he was 14 when they began dating, she 29) .Edward has had a couple of police arrests for domestic violence and was detained at the Central Jail On one such arrest he was bailed out on ,000.


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