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He led me to my own Jewish identity and granted me my first threesome–with an Israeli (formerly) ultra-conservative Jew, of course.

The personal is political, and I, a half-Jewish girl, had never dated a Jewish guy.

) elephant in the room: I’m an Asian American young woman living in United States, which means I get hit on VERY often with racial pick up lines.

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I always said that since my dad’s Jewish, it’d be just too close to home.

As a 27-year-old feminist who’s lived around the world, I’ve gone global and dated almost every other nationality, religion and race.

There’s nothing wrong with liking a racial group as long as you like other racial groups. Will agrees that many sides of this Asian issue has been covered before.

If it gets to the point where you’re ignoring hot girls because they’re not in your so called ‘fetish’ group, you officially have a problem.

When it all boils down, aren’t we all just unique human beings trying to find some love in this world with another special person?

Reprinted from the New York Press with permission of the author.

I just expected Asian guys to know better than that, but that stereotype was proven wrong on my part.

Digital pick-ups were just as bad as in-person come-on’s.

Seriously, listen to it with your eyes closed, it will mess you up.

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