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INFP follows their own moral code and will likely judge any authority they encounter by it.

They tolerate authority, but they cannot stand feeling themselves stifled or controlled by it.

INFJ respects authority and falls in compliance so long as they do not feel coerced or disrespected by it.

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When it comes to authority, people seek to either comply, defy or obtain it.

When authoritative power is exercised properly it’s beneficial but when abused, it becomes oppressive.

ENFPs want to speak their truth and won’t stand for anyone trying to control or silence them.

Laissez-faire forms of governance are what they prefer because ENFPs desire autonomy and freedom to pursue their creative inspirations without being impeded by humorless bureaucracy.

In the process, they seek to acquire the resources and power that will ultimately make them an authority in their own right.

ENTP questions authority and can sometimes be wily like Bugs Bunny in their attempts to outwit them.Many INFPs would probably detest being in the military and having their lives regimented according to the dictates of commanding officers.They would probably get written up frequently for going AWOL.INFPs are willing to defer to and respect another’s authority as long as said authority isn’t abusing their power or forcing INFP to go against their values.INTJ recognizes authority as necessary for establishing order and creating a chain of accountability.All INFJ wants in return is to be shown the same respect, dignity and compassion they are willing to give elected officials and individuals occupying positions of power.

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