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They are at The Christian Communication Network helps anti-abortion, pro-life, anti-gay, and pro-heterosexual-family groups communicate their message to the media.See: Christian Forums provides discussion groups on such subjects as prayer requests, creation science, end times, bible prophecy, and other topics of primary interest to conservative Christians.

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It said the average dating app user will scroll through 43 different profiles on the date, with activity increasing by 37 per cent.

Elton added: "People are thinking about the year that's ahead and think it's time for a change, sometimes a relationship has broken up, but mostly people are just looking to find somebody who they are going to share the coming year with."Also they have time.

This list includes conservative Christian groups other that the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

They typically believe that the Bible is inspired by God, and is inerrant (without error).

Joff Williams Communications Director at Christian Connection told Premier it's not likely these are just Christmas flings either."Something really interesting is we measure meaningful conversations."What we define by that is that there are three parts of the conversation someone sent a message, there's been a response, and the first person had replied."We see the number of meaningful conversation go right up in January.

This goes back to the intention, people are engaged with the process, and they're going on the site because they really want to meet someone." The Christmas/ New Year love-bug caught Marion and Tony Keys-Barros.

See: Headlines at features Christian news headlines from the United States and around the rest of the world.

Christian Prayer Center "is devoted to bringing together the powerful prayers of thousands of faithful Christians, in order to provide personal support for those in need." See:

They follow what they believe to be historical Christian theology.


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