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Garvey's parents moved from Long Island, New York, to Tampa, Florida, while Mrs.And, as stated, Garvey included Mickey Mantle among his select group of players featured in this book.Unlike others on this part of the list, Marichal rarely hit batters or threw wild pitches; he didn't need to, as he had pristine control of his pitches.

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Basically, each essay on a featured player reads like a mini-biography.

Anyone wanting to learn more about nine great players from the late 1950's - and a particular quality that made them special - can benefit from Garvey's storytelling here.

Tagged as: Kadir Nelson I wanted to bring your attention to two authors who have pledged portions of their book sales towards helping worthy causes.

Having a great fastball, curveball, and other pitches helps, as does the ability to win 20 games for a team and make an impact in the postseason.

Someone who wins a Cy Young Award three times is naturally going to be feared, but it takes more than that.

When it comes to Tom Seaver, he was a strikeout king.During those eight years though, most acknowledged him as the hardest thrower in baseball, even above Walter Johnson.Gaylord Perry had a long career that allowed him to win 314 games and two Cy Young Awards.Brown was a hard-nosed pitcher who knew how to get batters out when he needed to, and he was more feared as he got older in the majors.In the 1910s, a young upstart pitcher shocked batters with his blazing fastball.He struck out 3,640 batters, leading the league five times.


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