Fairy godmother guide dating mating

With a maximum of 15 complimentary golden tickets available, these coveted spots tend to sell out quickly, as the weekend is attended by hundreds of women around the globe.Clients come from all over the world to learn Lauren’s dating strategies.In 2010, Laurie Grigg praised her coaching methods, saying, “The Man Magnet weekend opened me up totally.

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Whether you’re in your 20s or 60s, Lauren Frances can give you practical advice on how to find a match online or in person.

Her weekly newsletter, Lauren’s Love Rx, offers her seriously effective and fun dating and relating advice, and her free podcasts, like The Heartache Prevention Question, are invaluable to active daters.

In 2006, she wrote a lighthearted self-help book titled “Dating, Mating, and Manhandling” to help women unravel the mysteries of dating men.

Her flirting techniques and insights on love struck a chord with readers around the world.

They were fabulous individuals, but in need of Lauren’s guidance in the love arena, so she organized the Man Trap Pack.

This fun wing-woman flirt group met each week at local hotspots and soon became a smooth-running flirting and dating machine — and the basis for her first book.

While out in the field, Lauren learned a lot about flirting and soon became the group’s go-to resource for any and all dating issues.

Her practical advice proved incredibly valuable to her single friends.

When Victoria’s Secret tapped Lauren to do a national tour and dubbed her “The Flirt Fairy,” she knew she was onto something.

“The book was the catalyst for my career,” she said.

The Pack Leader (that was Lauren) planned where and when the group gathered, the Lookout scouted around the bar for hot guys, and the Sniper took out unwanted suitors.

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