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Abi moves to Albert Square with her parents Max & Tanya Branning and her sister Lauren where she befriends Ben Mitchell.Abi is hit by Dean Wicks's car, suffering from a broken wrist, cuts & bruises, but she recovers with no long-term impairment.

The gloves are off.” He added: “The beauty of panto is finding the kids happy and the adults.

And that’s before we get to the town, which Scott knows well.

And you better have a good excuse because I am really fucking mad at you!

He is in the arms of someone he loves and whom loves him back, and he could never be happier.

“My aunt used to live up here and I used to go to Marine cadets here and I used to spend a lot of time in Bromley, 30 years ago now.

He told Vibe: “I was born in south east London so this is my old territory.

“When you were from Woolwich, Bromley was a nice play to live – a bit green, some houses.

“It was lovely, I used to love coming to Bromley so to come back here to do panto is going to be interesting because I’m sure I’m going to have a lot of mates and people I haven’t seen in years that will probably come down and give me a heckle.” Having spent five years as DS Phil Hunter on The Bill and then six on East Enders’ Albert Square as Jack Branning, panto is quite different.

That someone might found out, that they can get in trouble, but right now he doesn't care.

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