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We have about 2000 pages, not only on birds but also on, mammals and national parks as well as nature related links by country.

For the list of mammals or national parks of this country or for the links, press the related country link at the bottom of the page.

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The presence of Hokkien language in Indonesia did not only signify the importance of the language in its time. Ke: Chicken Po: Female/Lady (Someone who sticks their head into other people’s problem) Kau: arrive, In: pregnant Ko: Wallow Long: Ditch. Either (Tua: Big, Ko: Storehouse) or (Tua: Stay Ko: Storehouse) Su-Kang: specialised job/ jobs requiring training OR Co-Kang: To work. This blog post will be actively updated with more increasing database of Straits Chinese origins term.

Besides of its prominence as the Lingua Franca for Straits Chinese in Dutch East Indies, British Malaya (including Singapore), it showed of how important Straits Chinese are in the daily trade and livelihood of common Indonesians, and how willingly locals embraced Straits Chinese culture. Chat: to paint Lak: to shed off, cet: paint Kang: river, kong: tubes sng: holding pin, pit: stick Sam: ill-behaved, Seng: Folk Thau: Head, keh: kind of person To: invert. Usually known most popularly in the form of Bingka Ambon (honeycomb rice-cake), Bingka Ubi (cassava cake) and Bingka Beras (rice cake). Tau: Bean, Hu: curd Tau: Bean, Ge: Sprout Tau: Bean, Cio: Sauce Bi: Rice. Mi: Noodle Sua: Threads Chin: Shallow Chai: Care Bo: Tidak ada Khek: Tamu/Langganan Kwe: Cake. There is a certain realization within me, that some pribumi/bumiputra might feel offended by someone pointing out the importance of Straits Chinese community in the development of what we know as Indonesian culture today.

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