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On top of a burgeoning film career (), Ashley is searching for projects to produce under her Blondie Girls production company, named after her Maltipoo, Blondie.

) At the same time, she's back in the studio working on the aforementioned follow-up to her 2007 breakthrough album, , which went gold.

I Had to save up working odd jobs during my senior year of Highschool.

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Be what as it may, we will give credit to Leah for being a strong woman.

The first one has to do with plastic surgery rumors and the second one has to do with her husband Green.

Leah thinks that she is like everybody and people should stop assuming things about person they don't know.

After impressing Shelia and completing all the audition process, Muchmusic as a VJ hired Leah in the year 2004.

Records, will be to convince fans just how much she's transformed.

Portraying the character of Sharpay Evans in the three films and a spin-off series, Tisdale’s acting talent received both critical and commercial appreciation.

Instead they voted to send three envoys to Clusium to mediate the dispute between the native Etruscans and the invading Celts.

So, on a small pretext, the Gallic giants suddenly attacked the Etruscans with a sizable army and expelled them from the plains of the Po.139 They then spread over the whole of northern Italy.

To recognize and acknowledge those who have been with Play Station Network from the very beginning, members with accounts of 9.5 years or more will receive an exclusive PS4 avatar.

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