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She also has to walk more slowly especially when she goes up stairs because she can't afford to break any more toes!

After quite a bit of gimping she can't take it anymore and must sit down to massage her cold painful toes.

Her friend is fascinated with her cast and all its drawing even though Cassidy would prefer forgetting she has it on.

Then some nice closeup shots of her SLC while she naps.

- Sage and Reagan get naked in this clip from DJCasts and get a little silly talking about their casts.

She's really self-conscious about not being able to wear any shoes let alone heels and her bare toes hanging out of her cast. Also the plaster seems to shed little white speces all over the place and on her exposed foot and toes.

Her BFF is helping her clean the house by rolling her wheelchair around while Beatrice cleans with a vaccum.

============================================================= OUR LATEST CLIP: Cassidy Term SLWC With Crutches Visiting The New Apartment Cassidy's BFF is so happy about her new apartment and the fun they will have in it she begs Cassidy to visit.

Even though her cast foot is aching she decides to come over using crutches in her one chuck and daisy dukes to keep off her bad foot.

They go antiquing and to other stores with great close-up shots.

- Tristan is our newest model at CF and she's really cool and enjoyed the shoot.

Her friend is of course eager for her to see the whole apartment including the loft space, and Cassidy grudgingly agrees to struggle up on her achy foot without the crutches because its too difficult using them on the narrow circular stairs.

When she gets up there she has to rest because she tells her friend her cast foot hurts.

She uses the vaccum cleaner to suck on Beatrices bare toes and cast.


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