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I often go out to other towns n cities where ppl dont no me n get dressed up as a woman wit really girly stuff on n walk round to c if ppl no im a man it gets me really excited wit the feel of the clothes n the wig on n wit hi heels of course i jus love it all he he o n seen...

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I have found a freaky friend to talk to, my friends wife.

I will have to give my friends names, otherwise this will get very complicated. My wife and I were out with two friends, Bert and Betty(hah! I have been locked up in a CB6000 now for 7 days, I can't touch myself, **********, or even get fully erect. She *********** in front of me last night while I had to watch and listen.

Through my many years I have experienced many freaky things.

But none can compare to society's way it deals with age. I like to talk about sexual experiences, mine and those of other people, it turns me on.

I would love to find someone who would not judge my desires and likes but would actually like to join in the discussion on how to make it happen or to give their take, on what they found...

guys if u r looking for some real fun..i'm a bisexual male..i can please men and women both..i even do crossdressing sometimes,,especially i love wearing saree and i wish there could be a men to take it off,, grab me from behind and kiss all over my body PS: i don't have male...It's part and parcel to being out about My passion for and experience with BDSM that people who like to discuss sex, kinks, and fetishes...I have so many taboo fantasies, I want to try so many things and have tried almost none. I have been married to my husband for the past ten years.It gets a little boring late at night and early in the morning, when most people are asleep and I have to stay awake. In the beginning I was unfaithful and cheated off and on for the first four or five years with two other women.For me, theres nothing like a flirty, sexy comment or message from an friend to put some excitement back into the evening. This period was easily the best time of our relationship sexually.Once a very, very popular guy, I am not a sort of pariah because I am over 60. A lot of people are prudish about it and I just think the world should speak freely about the things that make them go 'mmmmm.' Know what I mean? "Talking to a Freaky Friend" and "Talking Freaky to a Friend".


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