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If it's the last field that is invalid, the user is editing it.He can't click on the button, so the "lost focus" event might not come depending on the user behaviour.

Container Control = my Parent Form super Validator1.

If you wish to use custom error provider to display validation errors in your application you can do so by implementing IError Provider interface.

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Hi, Looking at the code for setting up form controls in it appears we detect control changes on Change "register On Change" eg.

However I agree that the messages are more cumbersome and sometimes obvious enough (like on a login screen) The problem is when to display them then?

All components have to react on changes in the data in other components to update themselves with other inputs.

NET designer all settings that you make are actually translated into the code that you can find in Initialize Component() method of your form.

There's a few quirks introduced because editing a field and instantly clicking on a submit button might allow the event to trigger (e.g when used with disabling buttons), so I have to manually ask the if it's valid (allow it to update).

On top of that we have a view with quite a complex UI with over 50 inputs divided into 5-6 components.

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