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I thought the unraveling of this mystery was very neat, and I definitely learned some new terms for sound.

It would be great to investigate that as well (apologies if someone has already brought this up).

This podcast reminded me of Mythbusters for some reason.

To get a sense of the power of the shofar, we pay a visit to Cantor Daniel Pincus to hear him and his students blow some horns.

Then, we talk to inventor Woody Norris for a modern approach to this biblical challenge.

Once again, the strength of the push isn't relevant.

As long as pusher waits for the highest to be archived, the next push - as small as it is - will drive the child higher.

Notice that the strength of the wind isn't relevant; ANY wind would eventually bring down the wall as long as it respected the oscillation os the wall.

Like a child on a park swing, if the pusher wants to make the child go higher, the pusher would only push when the child hits the highest swinging point.

The point is that we will not know exactly what happened because the stories in the old testament are purposefully vague.

They are vague because they are meant to be interpreted, not taken literally.

I know I'm late to this party but I just heard the Jericho argument on the radio (maybe a re-run? Anyhow, the discussion went on the direction of sound power (decibels) but that's not the only way to bring down things with sound. Assuming the wind hits the wall head on (not necessary but it makes it easier on the imagination), it's easy to imagine the wind pushing the wall back.


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