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“When Orlando arrived he gave Erin a kiss on each cheek and she moved her table placing so she could sit next to him.“He was rubbing her back all night and even had his hand on her knee at one point.” Over here, Katy spent the Brits after-party liking unsuspecting fans’ tweets about the couple’s relationship. A friend said: “Katy and Orlando were behaving like a couple in the days up to the Oscars.One US source claimed they had already split but the friend said: “They hung out and again seemed like a couple, queueing up for portrait photos together and posing for pics. That’s not the behaviour of a recently broken-up couple.

The insider said: “She is the daughter of Les Mc Cabe, the CEO of Global Green — which is an organisation that Orlando has supported and been involved with for years.

"He was on the committee for the event and presented an award.

“Orlando and Erin were seated at a table together with Erin’s father Les and they were having friendly conversation.

Erin Mc Cabe is the mystery woman Orlando Bloom was seen with at the Global Green pre-Oscars party last week.

“They often call each other ‘mighty man’ and ‘mighty heart’.” The mate added: “This has really shocked people as they seemed so besotted with one another.

There was no sign of a break-up.” The pair appeared together on Sunday night at the Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Sources for the Daily Mail claim that the woman was Erin Mc Cabe, who managed to get a seat next to Bloom by swapping her place card.

The two appeared to have fun and were seen drinking together.

Another partygoer at the Global Green Gala do told The Sun: “Their relationship immediately struck me as far too familiar.


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