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She’s always been into clean eating and when my sister and I were kids we weren’t allowed red meat, anything cooked with oils or salt and certainly no ‘tuck’.

There weren’t any snacks and family meals were usually a piece of fish with boiled potatoes and two vegetables, plus an apple or tangerine for pudding.

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Now, as Grandma Penny, I’d rather play football or read a book with Carter as a reward when he’s been good.

He never complains when I feed him salmon with new potatoes and broccoli.

Lucy Hamper, 37, is a property developer and part-time model.

She is single and lives in London with her son, Carter, nine.

Unsurprisingly, going to my paternal grandma’s house for tea, where there were hearty stews and casseroles on offer, left Mum pulling a disapproving face and my sister and me in heaven.

Ultimately, Mum’s strict regime has stood me in good stead because I naturally make healthy food choices.

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Today just 49 per cent of children ask if they can leave the table at the end of a meal, compared to 89 per cent of grandparents when they were growing up and 80 per cent of parents during their childhood.

Channel 5 aired a controversial documentary focusing on the colourful sex lives of OAPs who love nothing more than a sultry sex session with a young man – or the odd orgy.

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