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A lot of guys think that if they can build good rapport with a girl that they'll eventually be able to date them, and are confounded when they end up in the dreaded friend zone.

So instead of making the mistake of being too friendly, make sure you talk to her like someone you'd like to date.

Try to avoid talking about illnesses, deaths, or polarizing issues like abortion, gay marriage, and religion.

image credit: *clairity* Talk To Her Like Someone You'd Like To Date, Not Like A Friend If you're overly nice and talk to a girl you're interested in like she's just your friend, you'll end up being just her friend.

Don't be afraid to let the conversation get a little flirty and sexual.

It shouldn't be overly flirty or sexual or you might come off too strong, but being too boring is a killer.

If you can't have a good conversation with a girl you're attracted to, forget about ever standing a chance to date her.

Girls won't date you if they're not comfortable talking to you, so it's important to have good conversation skills to become a better dater.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you start a conversation with an attractive lady.


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