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Wht I hv to do Mature: Open your cam BITCH Akash: I opened CAM Mature: STAND UP whore I stood up Mature: Now take off shirt I did as he said, I felt so helpless Mature: Now pants I removed my pants too Mature: now turn and show ass, I felt like an object , which he was turning and enjoying Mature: now bend and legs apart, ass cheeks spread open I did as he said Mature: your are hot slut and I will enjoy you for years Akash: Please never upload my pics and vids, or never inform it to my dad Mature: if you obey what I say, understood bitch?

Akash : yes sir Mature: now for today , you may log off, tomorrow be online on same time Akash : ok sir Mature: bye bitch Akash : bye sir Chapter 4 A long painful night The same thing continued for days, months.started to become more demanding , he liked to humiliate me and make do things painful He used to cum, seeing me in pain On one evening at 6 PM when he was online , he buzzed me and asked me to add teron zatson(id changed), he told me, teron is his good friend, and he too will be enjoying my cam as and when needed.

It was burning my cock head, but I continued until it became white, but my cock remained hard during this torture Teron : now bring the flame near the wax covered cock, and let some wax melt again.

Believe me it was more hurting than pouring hot wax on cock head I was about to faint, but I had no other way but to do as he says I requested him, “please sir, I cant bear any more Teron : you are a bitch, and you are supposed to bear pain only I cried but continued until he asked me to stop.

He gave me some id and asked me to add those id in my list. One thing here to mention that he distributed those pics and videos to those guys so that I obey them in his absence. They used to enjoy me doing all nasty and painful things. Also some used to make me kneeled for 1 /2 hour only. Turn around and bend so that I can see your ass, spread apart your ass cheeks etc 4. Mature: takeoff that too my dear Akash: I feel shy Mature: please, do it if you want her Akash: I took off all cloth , and I was blushing being complete nude on cam Mature: wow, so hot body……mmmmmmmmmmm Now please turn but keep face towards cam and stay like that for a while I did that, I had no idea that time , that he was taking my snaps with my face and nude body.

I don’t know whether he used to earn money from them or not. Some of the command they used to give me is as follows 1. Akash: I am feeling humiliated, I am logging off Mature : give a close up of face?

He said if I obey him on cam , then its ok, or he will upload all my videos on net along with my pics. I cried infront of him on cam, and requested him not to do so, or I die. Few days back I realized that he has created account on porn sites with my id and uploaded 1600 pics on porn sites like, etc This story is also a part of a task, which he has assigned to me, so that people enjoy my cam slave life. That day I was so horny, so I decided to have sexy chat with girls, I entered in adult chat room. Akash : I blushed, but loved praise also( I was very very young that time) Mature: you might have a great body Akash:??????

Also he threatened me to send my pics and video CD to my school. But he never agreed, So I made one requested him not to upload pics with my face. But he told me that with every uploaded picture he is going to add my present yahoo id, so that people get my id, and enjoy my body. If you get my pics with my id indianskoolboy17 typed on it, I have a request you to be soft on me and not torture me on cam. After few ordinary chat, I was surprised to see matureman online in that room. Mature: Please show me your body Akash: Can you introduce preity(the daughter of your friend ) with me?Online Sex Slave Turning a Real Sex Slave (Based on my true story of my life) I started my life as a Cam sex slave at very young age, when I was curious of chatting on yahoo. I had to crawl on chest and cock pressed below on floor( it smashes cock n balls, but makes it hard) 18. Their demand increased so much, that some day I had to bunk my school to serve my Indian masters.I created an account teenslaveboy17 and started chatting with girls, and guys. During my initial days I never understood those questions, but later I realized that they were interested in sex likes. Also some of them after knowing my age used to say “sweet age! Insert a burning candle in ass, and up the ass in air, head down. Cum with in a specified time or get punishments like above 19. These are partial list of the commands which I did for a long time. Within a year many people made galleries of my nude pics and videos. All my weekend I had to be busy pleasing unknown old guys on cam, some offered me to pay thousands of dollars for real sex.I got scared and I decided to silently obey his demands on cam. And he threatened me that if every night I don’t be online from 10 PM to 1 PM then he is going to take necessary action. I am supposed to type those links here with the story so that all guys can see my pics following the link, Hope soon my cam sex slave life ends PART I CAM SEX LIFE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 Experience with Chatting: It was Friday evening, I got my new internet connection, I returned from school, after doing the homework of mathematics, I started my net connection. After few seconds I felt chatting with some hot girls of my age. Mature: ofcourse, if possible she will your GF Akash : I was so excited to have a GF Mature: please show complete body.On the first day, of that conversation, he asked me to insert a finger in my ass, I felt very bad and awkward, then on next day he started to demand more like inserting two fingers, three and so on. One day he told me that he has some online friends, whom also I have to serve as cam slave. Some time I had to fulfill the demands of them beyond 1 PM. I got many dominants, sadistic old guys their ages ranged from 30-69. I started to takeoff cloths, but I kept my underwear on.Here you won't be seeing any sort of free Indian Hiddencam sex videos, only the hottest ones and the wildest ones that will leave you wanting more and more as the quality is fucking sensational!

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