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this weekend keystone protesters will again show their patriotism. is cliven bundy a patriot or is is he a free loader.

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i'm concerned about the resources for our children. it's who you are, where you are and what kind of backing you can get from the media. # i don't think your side of the story has been told enough. ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level.

we are again on the second route, and yeah, that's what they're doing. i'm really not concerned request transcanada's economic woes. coming up, right wing talkers watch ratings slip as america grows wary of the backwards race baiting. but first, john boehner gets silly as he mocks his flock over immigration reform. and you look at the studies that's been done out there, currency manipulation actually could lower -- if we address the issue, could lower our trade deficit by $200 billion over a three-year time frame according to some groups. the honest brokers are not on the other side of the pond.

maybe the weekend will give us a reprieve and we'll be onto something else collectivelied i the media. i ask for the third night, what would motivate someone to take up a position like that? let's just say you're in this crowd and someone comes up to you and say, i know you can't see it very well but right up on that bridge over there is a guy who has your head in the cross hairs. we are losing our good judgment in the media with stories like this.

you don't see a scene like this at the keystone protest. no one is aiming sniper rifles at federal agents at the national mall. and hopefully bundy will be off the news when we come back on monday.

this will hopefully be the last story we do on this guy.

i tell you what, huckabee, rick perry, ted cruz, you guys got to go to nebraska.

there's another major difference between bundy and the keystone opponents. i will be there in washington to cover it tomorrow and to cover they're march. think that would make the news and you think it's not about race?

they are producers and they're fighting to continue to produce. they are the one who are exercising free speech properly. f keystone opponents are holding a big rally on the national mall to draw attention and get information out about the issue that they really believe in. ch just tell me, what if this was a sioux indian in washington with a federal agent in the crosshairs?

gosh, we found out that conservatives can change their mind.


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