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However, I’m now focusing on definitions of casual sex relationships (What is a Booty Call?

Are Fuck Buddies the same as Friends with Benefits? I’ve also done some work with a colleague on how technology is changing the modern dating script.

Moreover, I have grown to appreciate how sex benefits us far beyond its physical pleasure or biological function.

The caveat is that neither party is entitled to substantial emotional support or exclusivity from the other. For those of us who aren’t ready to settle down and want to enjoy our freedom, casual dating seems like a heaven.

You get to have fun on dates, have a hot girl to crawl in your bed pretty much whenever you want, but still get to flirt and have fun with other ladies. Sex is far from the primitive, base instinct we are led to believe it is. Whether in a casual encounter or a long relationship, through sex we communicate our emotions, negotiate power, give and receive pleasure, confront our fears and fantasies, and sometimes heal our inner lives.

During the registration process the users are asked to specify, leaving nothing to theimagination, their sexual tastes, the characteristics of the partner and the place where they are look for it.

To avoid the'catalog effect' typical of the classic dating sites the choice of the possible partners is due to a complexalgorithm that, by combining the data provided by users, automatically selects the partners and proposes to the members onlythe most interesting ones.

Arranging casual encounters online has become fairly commonplace, and the internet makes finding a potential mateincredibly convenient, especially for people who are very busy or who are not into the bar scene.

If what you’re lookingfor is purely physical, however, the internet can be a godsend.

Approaching a girl in a bar with the intention of a one-nightstand is almost always a losing prospect, so you have to pull out all the stops to seduce her and then deal with theconsequences of your one-night-only attitude when she expects a relationship the next morning.

All this trouble can beavoided by arranging casual encounters online, where both your intentions and theirs are crystal clear from the beginning.

It is worth noting that the site does not encourage treason, it simplydoes not show off a false morality: noting that cheating is a common behavior, the site allows those who are interested to doso without being judged.

The emphasis is indeed on the absolute privacy guaranteed to the users: there are no photos, nonickname, no instant chat.

[...] [...] social media has simplyopened up communication between people in ways that weren't done before.

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