consequences of dating married men - Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing

How to pass data thru COMMAREA more than 64kb Can I dynamically change an File DDNAME in COBOL?

Override PARM in PROC from JCL Any way to find the success of NDM How to get the COMMAND line on top of screen in SDSF menu?? SYNCSORT Copying a VB file using OUTREC Error in Run jcl Introducing "MASTER MAINFRAMES" Site CD Version 4 04E - 00E40071 replacing characters using Syncsort please help me, with my program cobol jcl in zos 1.6 ispf ADRDSSU : Restoring files on different volser from one tape Automated Screen Refresh after every 20 secs SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C7 REASON CODE=00000000 How to do HRECALL in background?

insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing-12

What does file status 90 means Making a shift from developers profile to Mainframe Testing What are the different procopt options used in IMS Abend due to Disp parameter DISP=(, CATLG) Commands in Expediter how to find the number of limits in gdg...

JCL to copy a GDG (all generations) to another GDG Future for DEVELOPER in MAINFRAME Technology Any Rexx program to ftp a dataset from mainframe to pc File Transfer PC to Mainframe How to sum a particular field from a input dataset Error code 305 while executing an SQL command What will happen if empty vsam file is opened for input Announcing the 'Member of Month' for August - 2006 How to send mail using JCL -805 Sql Code when accessing DB2 table u4087 Abend - not able to resolve.

Unable to copy and paste from Mainframe Emulator to MSExcel Rename all members in a PDS Need to stop sorting after 570 records Can we use Syncsort to copy records with RECFM=U S0C4 with reason code 11 ISPF Panel error COMMAND NOT FOUND WER244A OUTREC - SHORT RECORD how to stop a running job RC -3 in the REXX code in the Batch mode How to trigger a job after a successful NDM process How to move a 9(11) variable to 9(9)v99. passing symbolic parameter in sysin dd statement What is the use of SYSDA,12 Need guidelines switching to Mainframe Field NUMVAL function to convert to Numeric Joinkeys - unpaired keys RECEIVE and IND$FILE (Uploading a file to the mainframe Delete Jobs from Spool ABSTIME & FORMAT TIME COMMANDS Command to view the Max-CC view in Spool Abend with SYNCTOOL - System Completion 013 How to open a dataset without going through 3.4 utility User Abend u0777 Recover a deleted dataset.

Upload and replace newline characters from data file Future of Mainframe Technology COBOL variable is not getting rounded off How to read 0C4/AKEA abend in CICS can we write a jcl to compare two files ? Cond Parameter Error Calculate primary/secondary space Search a string within a PDS Insufficient storage while running a cobol program Clean up DB2 string from unreadable characters JCL Error in IF ELSE: EXPECTED CONTINUATION NOT RECEIVED SPLIT FILE into multiple files using Syncsort A006 PROGRAM INTERRUPT - CODE 7 (DATA EXCP) how to remove zeroes from numeric field Release a HELD job using JES command in batch.

Checking the SPOOL for no of jobs using REXX Check the syntax errors in JCL with out coding TYPRUN=SCAN How to download all members from pds at 1 time?

JCL ERROR return CODE 614 How to solve IMS U0476 Abend Rec count for multiple flat files - PS U4039-8 abend USER COMPLETION CODE=4039 Difference b/w JCLLIB and PROCLIB how to solve soc7 abend?S106 Abend - ACCESS FAILED FOR MODULE DFHTU640 Syncsort - GET THE RECORD COUNT IN THE FILE How to delete an uncataloged dataset HOw to copy spool output into datasets?ADRDSSU ...restoring tape data to a flat file Comment multiple lines in JCL Doubt in COND operator: COND=(0, NE) ABEND S878 Reason code = 10 Using OUTREC/OUTFIL Together Sort JCL Help Needed to compare and delete between two files Major difference between plan and package Xpediter Error: NO SOURCE LISTING DATA SET MEMBER Display all the datasets of a particular letter - REXX can anybody help me to resolve this REXX RC(-3) error?New User Registration Member Login Recent Topics Forum Rules Forum FAQ User Profile Members List Online Users User Groups Private Messages Polls Subscribed Topics Bookmarked Topics Search Forums RSS Feeds RDF Feeds ATOM Feeds Contact Us ABENDS & Debugging All Other Mainframe Topics CA Products CICS CLIST & REXX COBOL Programming Compuware & Other Tools DB2 DFSORT/ICETOOL FAQ & Off Topics General Talk & Fun Stuff Home Works & Requests IBM Tools IDMS/ADSO IMS DB/DC Java & MQSeries JCL & VSAM Mainframe Interview Questions Mainframe Jobs Moderators only PC Guides & IT News PL/I & Assembler Recycle Bin Site Announcements Suggestions & Feedback SYNCSORT Testing & Performance analysis TSO/ISPF MASTER the MAINFRAMES Ver 6.0 available now with 10 CDs What is Copy pending and Check pending COBOL Error Codes 98 and 41 1 Cylinder = how many Tracks, 1 Track = how many Kilo Bytes What is a Mainframe Simulator How to find the length of a String in COBOL COND Parameter in JCL Few ISPF Tips Only for "TAMILANS" Restarting steps of PROC from JCL About comp-4, comp-5, comp-6 IBM Assembler- Tutorial, References, Examples, Manuals Have you ever seen a Mainframe?COMP, COMP1, COMP2 & COMP3 in COBOL DB2 - Certification - Everything you need to Know How to solve DB2 SQLcode -805 Program to matches/merges two sequential files What is S013 Abend and How to solve Difference between PDS and PDSE Program for VSAM files conversion to DB2 Tables DB2 - Interview Questions with Answers S222 Abend (Resources pulled by another job).How do we handle the carriage return in the cobol program Keep mainframe session from not being logged off Inquire about a TSO user id with WHOIS command Can we get the return code of a job in some variable problem with control card Issue in SORT CARD having both INCLUDE, STOPAFT and OUTFIL How to create pds member through jcl Creating a ISPF panel in thegiven format Null Indicator In DB2 Checking for a null value in cobol Craziest/mischevious thing done with Mainframes ABEND S837 in JCL Getting U3042 abend in a IMS/DB2 program Analysys of COBOL program Listings.


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