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It’s impossible – or so the assumptions go – that perhaps she’s legitimately attracted to him, that attractiveness and desire are about more than just the accepted definitions of good looks.

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Her staff have now cleaned 200 ovens, and she estimates she has lost £35 on each one, given that her cleaners are paid £8 an hour, and many customers who took up the offer lived long distances from her North London-based business, adding travelling time and costs.

What stands out from the experiences of the companies swamped with Groupon orders is their dogged determination not to let down those who have purchased the vouchers, whatever the cost to their business.

They know that failure to honour the vouchers could actually mean their reputation is damaged rather than enhanced.

Alan Oxlade and his wife Wendy run a pub, The Shoulder of Mutton, in Playhatch, south Oxfordshire.

Good news, one might have imagined, in such straitened times. Which is hardly surprising, given that he has pocketed a paltry £5.50 a head for the privilege of serving his award-winning food (glass of wine included) to some 750 of those customers.

The system works as follows: subscribers log on to Groupon’s ‘deal-a-day’ website where they can buy a voucher that offers a number of daily discount deals on anything from restaurant meals to spa treatments.

After all, many of us know someone who punches above his or her weight class, dating people who they – by all rights – should have based on the flawed idea that the only thing that people value is looks.

Whenever we see someone who isn’t conventionally attractive dating somebody who is more attractive we often dismiss the relationship as somehow invalid; clearly he has money, or a high-status job or some other external quality that the more attractive partner desires enough that she is willing to put up with having to toss the cave troll a handy every now and then.

They discounted their boiler service by 61 per cent, offering it at £39, of which they kept £15.60. ‘We didn’t make very much out of it, but it was very good for the business as it got a lot of new customers in,’ said Mrs Wilson.

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