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* Highly recommended book (I love this book): Teaching Language to Children with Autism Many individuals with Autism can have impairments or difficulties with true functional communication.

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The child must also learn that communicating with people leads to good things.

If the child just learned to request “juice”, then initially every time the child says juice they should get a sip of juice. Effects of augmentative and alternative communication intervention on speech production in children with autism: A systematic review.

That means if you are teaching the child to use sign language to request a cookie, then they are no longer allowed to climb up onto the kitchen counter and get the box of cookies off the top of the refrigerator.

Make communicating with you a requirement, or the child wont do it.

No matter which option you select to teach communication, in order for it to be effective and consistent across settings and people you will likely need to incorporate behavior management.

The child must learn that anything less than the communication system will no longer be accepted.

I have observed quite a few clients who without saying a word had an entire household catering to their every desire.

The parents knew that 2 screams meant “turn the TV on”, a crying fit meant “pick me up”, pushing a sibling meant “I don’t want to play”, and so on.

The child needs to see that communicating with people promptly gets needs and wants met. Speech acquisition in older nonverbal individuals with autism: A review of features, methods and prognosis. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology • Vol.

If you have implemented a system of communication for a child with Autism and the results are inconsistent, ask yourself: “” If the answer is no, that may be why you aren't seeing progress.

A young child who will echo, sing wordless songs, or babble, often can be quite successful with intensive language intervention. It can't be stated enough: Children who cannot communicate have some of the most persistent and challenging problem behaviors. Well, just imagine that you are placed in an environment where no one speaks your language. Now imagine that you are hungry and must convince these people to feed you.


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