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Michelle and Layla made Smack Down watchable for many years when they formed Lay Cool, but it seems this would be the highlight of her short career.Michelle dated Brian Lee during her early years with the company before she made the switch to the much older Undertaker and the two are currently married.

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"Thank you for dancing with me Phil." She smiled as her head came to rest on his shoulder. Punk/Kelly Kelly/Barbie is a high school student just trying to get by, she's popular beautiful and has a thing for a hot older guy covered in tattoos.

"It's my pleasure Barbie, believe me." He said as they swayed on the dance floor. What happens when she tries to keep it a secret, but can't?

It doesn't take long for Dolly to give into her desires and coerce her tutor into fucking her.

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To help Barbie and to punish Phil, their English teacher forces him to tutor her so she can stay on the cheer squad and he doesn't get suspended..only it were that easy.

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