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According to Philip's cousin Marina, the Duchess of Kent, he was similarly entranced by the new arrival.

'I am so happy for Philip, for he adores children and also small babies,' she wrote in a letter to her mother.

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Godfrey Talbot, the BBC's court correspondent at the time, recalled: 'She had been trained since the cradle by her father that duty came before everything, including her family.'She reluctantly had to abandon her family and they virtually didn't see their parents for months on end. When they were at last reunited, the Queen recalled later, the children 'were terribly polite.

It was very upsetting and bewildering for [them].'In 1953, the new Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh left on a long-delayed tour of the Commonwealth, knowing they wouldn't see their children for six long months. I don't think they really knew who we were.'It was a heart-breaking admission.

In his own early years, he'd effectively been brought up by a nanny himself.

So each morning, little Charles would be taken to see his mother at 9.

When the King's private secretary Tommy Lascelles brought the good news, Philip bounded upstairs into the Buhl Room, which had been converted into an operating theatre.

He then held his first born, still wearing his sporting flannels and open-neck shirt.And not only did he have little time to devote to his son, but the demands of fatherhood made him irritable. Two world wars might have delivered a hammer blow to the cosy, upper-class world of servants and nurseries, but the Royal Family had weathered this development largely unchanged.Philip certainly saw nothing wrong in handing the baby over to nursery staff.Most of her 1950s female contemporaries were stay-at-home mums — admittedly with nannies — but the Queen had just inherited the ultimate juggling act.As time went by, it became evident that Charles shared few traits with his father.The most important was nanny Helen Lightbody — he called her Nana — who got him up in the morning, dressed him, slept in the same room as him and comforted him when he woke during the night. She was, Charles admitted once, 'a remote and glamorous figure who came to kiss you good-night, smelling of lavender and dressed for dinner.'Aside from this nightly ritual, the Queen always found it difficult to hug or kiss her son, preferring to leave such tactile displays of emotion to the nannies.


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