Is jillian harris dating a pro athlete

Mike’s older brother Adam was my snowboard coach growing up, he built me to where I am today.

Adam is one of the most intelligent coaches for boardercross that you can come across. JP~ (A BIG Smile goes on his face) I met Jillian in Kelowna this past Summer.

Over the past 10 years, Justin competed and trained around the world and represented his country.

Before standing and racing side by side with the worlds best boardercross athletes, Pasutto at the age of 12 took interest in playing Rugby.

Justin Pasutto is a Former Professional Snowboarder and member of the Canadian National Boardercross Development Team.

All starting back from grade 4 with a “Ski or Snowboard Day” field trip, Pasutto has been hooked on the sport.

In the years between 20 of playing rugby, Justin received an MVP award with his club (CCIAC), MVP award with the Calgary Rugby Union and was named to the Canadian Rugby team for Under17, U19 and U21 teams.

Faced with the decision to pursue either sport at an elite level, Justin choose snowboarding to fuel his need for adrenaline and passion.JP~ I Wake up around 7am and snowboard till 2ish, break for 45 mins (power nap or lunch), then gym for 1-2 hours either a recovery workout (bike, stretch, hot/cold tubs) or power strength/muscle endurance workout and then I head home. JP~ Country Music, I’m loving artists like Taylor Swift and my favourite being Eric Church. JP~ I’m on the National Development team and working hard at my quest to have the opportunity to compete in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia? But my dream would be a Country Singer or Cowboy (if I could time travel). JP~ Shaun White and in my sport Mike Robertson (medalist with boardercross Vancouver).BB411~ A little tip for sore muscles is to rub pure, organic coconut oil on your body or add it to a hot bath. He always had a calm, cool mentality and is the friendliest person you’ll ever meet.We started chatting and as we were getting kicked out I asked her to give me her number so we could finish this conversation later.We went outside and as she was on her phone trying to figure out where her girlfriends were, I couldn’t help but look at her and If I had to say this, it was love at first sight.I joined the Calgary Snow Board Club and boardercross programs kicked up and coaches were hired.


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