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‘Since I wasn’t judged by my appearance, I think I was able to be more outgoing with women,’ said Yasumasu Kishi, 28.

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A Japanese journalist worked herself to death by doing 159 hours of overtime in a month and taking just two days off.

Miwa Sado, a political journalist for the country's national broadcaster, suffered a heart failure in July 2013 and, a year after her death, a government inquest ruled that it was linked to excessive overtime.

Her employer only made the tragic case public this week, bowing to pressure from Sado's parents to take action to prevent a recurrence.

The case has highlighted the Japanese problem of "karoshi" - meaning death from overwork - and is an embarrassing revelation for NHK, which has campaigned against the nation's long-hours culture.

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  5. Not for me to decide, but not my own self-image or a feedback I’ve ever had before.”He wrote that if Ms Serota wished to keep her dating profile anonymous, she should not refer to it on social media.

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