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Her child had norovirus and was banned from attending daycare until he was no longer contagious.

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Please keep in mind that the information in the resource guide is a constant and ever changing project. Our first is from circa 1954 when we were still the Community Chest.

If you have any history on the pictures we post, please contact us at 479-782-1311 or [email protected]

There may be people on your list who might truly appreciate having a donation or a gift to a local non-profit agency made in their name, rather than receiving a tangible gift.

A $25 donation to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, through the United Way of Fort Smith Area, will provide books to a local child for a year.

One of my direct reports has a child who is undergoing chemotherapy and who had to be hospitalized when she got sick.

Another gave it to his grandmother, who resides in a retirement home.

Have a serious talk with her and ask what she was thinking.

If she says she didn’t think it would be a big deal, ask if she’s changed that assessment since seeing what happened.

She did not speak up when others started getting sick, even though they had all the same symptoms as her son.

Her assistant also confided to me that she (the assistant) had taken a message from the daycare about the child needing to be picked up due to the outbreak and that he was sick, but she did not know that her boss brought him back to the office.

Now everyone is upset with her and no one will talk to her or go near unless it absolutely necessary for work.


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