Kate middleton dating prince william updating 2 wire outlets

"In the end, he just grabbed her and took her on to the dancefloor where they started doing some rather close dancing.

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"It's been kept very quiet and until the party two weeks ago confined to only their tightest social circle.

Seeing each other hasn't been easy because of William's Army commitments, but they have managed it and done so without anything coming out.

By KATIE NICHOLL 24th June 2007 Daily Mail Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seeing each other again and shared a passionate kiss at a decadent Army party before disappearing to the Prince's private quarters.

The party and other secret dates are tentative steps towards a reconciliation, with sources close to both William and Kate saying he wants to give their relationship a second chance.

They were incredibly well matched, but she's told us she's trying to work out what she wants and whether she really does want to get back with him.

"It's such a nightmare because she knows if they do get back together, there'll be no turning back.

"There was a bouncy castle and a paddling pool full of gunge and blow-up dolls.

It was a great night with everyone in party mood and dressed up in doctors' and nurses' outfits as well as sexy Ann Summers lingerie.

It was obvious to everyone that William couldn't take his eyes off her.


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