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Restlessness starts to kick in and they begin to try and gather value from another source and so cheating begins.

Another reason for wanting to be with you is that she misses someone who idealizes her.

***QUESTION FROM A READER*** Hey Alex, I have run into some problems with an on again off again girlfriend of the past couple of years. At first she claimed that she had been raped by this guy and later she confessed that she wasn’t.

It was a mistake but they had enough respect not to continue to hurt the other person.

Then there is the other group of people who cheat because they believe sex is their only value.

The problem with this solution is that your paranoia and watching her every move will cause her to lose attraction for you.

This could lead her to cheat on you again or even worse stay in a non-attraction based relationship.

But there is also a chance that she is doing it out of guilt over what she did in the past.

By making you happy and giving you what you want she can finally shed the guilt that has been corroding her thoughts.

During the time when she should have been building that trust she was sneaking around on you with another guy.

Vulnerability of a first love combined with her not creating strong trust in the relationship will create a lot of trust issues.

I feel stupid for falling for her lies over and over but I still have strong feelings for her.

I have grown from the whole experience but am still very confused. Should I break it off or find a way to get over it and go ahead with our new relationship?

In a new relationship they feel amazing when they hear ‘I love you’ and their self esteem rises.

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