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I am returning to this subject now because there is new evidence, both historical and scientific, to demonstrate that the theory was buried prematurely.After 27 million deaths and the infection of more than 66 million people with HIV, there are now strong indications that human hands – in particular, those of the doctor and the scientist – started the Aids pandemic.

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All mucosal cells, including those of the mouth and throat, represent potential portals of entry for HIVs and SIVs, and the likelihood of infection increases when there are oral lesions, such as those caused by teething or mouth ulcers.

The dendritic cells around the tonsils are also significant target cells for HIV, and much of the CHAT administered in Africa, in contrast to OPVs given elsewhere, was delivered by a squirt with a syringe to the back of the throat.

It has sometimes been claimed that people do not become HIV-infected by the oral route.

This is demonstrably wrong: gay men have become infected after having only oral sex, and there are several recorded instances in which babies of HIV-negative mothers have been infected through being breast-fed by HIV-positive wet nurses.

What polio vaccine-makers are looking for is a weakened, or attenuated version that will produce protective antibodies in humans, but not the disease itself.

A ‘pool’ of polio vaccine describes material produced at a specific level of attenuation – ‘Pool 9’, for instance, might indicate a poliovirus that has been attenuated by being passaged 28 times through chick embryo tissue culture, and eight times through monkey kidney tissue culture.This is not the theory of origin favoured by most in the medical establishment: the familiar ‘cut hunter’ or natural transfer theory proposes that a single hunter or bushmeat seller became infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) while skinning or butchering a chimp, and that the pandemic started from that one the OPV (oral polio vaccine) theory, and it requires a little background.Forty years on, it is recognised that exposure to SV-40 leads to a slightly heightened risk of contracting certain cancers such as mesothelioma.But the OPV theory relates to a different polio vaccine.They didn’t have the equipment, they said; they couldn’t possibly have produced a vaccine at a primitive lab like that.


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