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Some background for the situation: I’ve known my friend Danny, the friend in question, since we were 14.We were part of a group of four guys and we all got along really well.

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I felt weird and conflicted about it but it was so good.

It was like my mind switched gears in the middle of it and all of a sudden I was so turned on by him.

It’s crazy because I’ve never once felt attraction to a man before, never noticed guys in a sexual way at all, but now all I can think about is him. I want to continue to explore my relationship with him, but I don’t want to scare him off by coming on too strong. Does anybody else that’s been in a situation like this have any advice to offer? How can I salvage our friendship if it turns out that he doesn’t feel the same way as me?

I’m really worried that this will fuck up our friendship. What if he’s been scoping me out this whole time, waiting for his chance to pounce? Also if he decides he doesn’t want to be around me anymore, I’m going to be alone for the rest of the summer. And then what happens if we do decide to get together, become a couple. I’m looking for any general advice regarding sexuality and figuring yourself out as well.

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