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Release dates can change due to by Earned Good Time, Disciplinary Actions or Parole Dates.

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Male prison dating sites

Drake, who for five years was assigned to read all her facility's incoming and outgoing inmate mail, says though the Web has greatly increased the amount of mail prisoners get, romantic attachments by penpals are an old story.

But although her medium/maximum-security prison of 2,000 inmates saw an average of 15 weddings a year, she says, only a few of the hundreds of dating couples over the years struck her as long-term material."Because they really seemed to know each other," she says.

Some states take an active stand against the sites.

In 2001, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections issued "misconduct" citations to 51 inmates for violating the department's policy that "inmates may not directly or indirectly use any Internet services." Last fall, on the other hand, a California judge overturned that state's DOC prohibition against inmates receiving mailed printouts from the Web, calling the policy "arbitrary."Ms.

Isenberg says, prison dating is "Romance with a capital R. Serial pedophile John Wayne Gacy and serial murderer Ted Bundy both married women they'd corresponded with before their executions.

In 1996, "Night Stalker" Richard Ramirez married in prison.

What would tempt a free woman or man to seek out and correspond with - and, as corrections officers say regularly happens, go on to date and even marry - an inmate? Many psychologists say commitment-phobes pursue such matches.

Others, like relationship adviser Gilda Carle, point out that far more women than men are involved with inmates.

Inmate Birthday’s: Inmates listed by the date of their birth.

Marvin Span has been locked up for three years, his felony case tied up in appeals.

Just last month, a personal ad on Write by Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother who drove her two sons into a lake in 1994, drew an estimated 1 million e-mails and letters.


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