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In making the legal case against Obamacare’s individual mandate, challengers have argued that the framers of our Constitution would certainly have found such a measure to be unconstitutional.

Nevermind that nothing in the text or history of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause indicates that Congress cannot mandate commercial purchases.

Four framers voted against this bill, but the others did not, and it was also signed by Washington.

Some tried to repeal this gun purchase mandate on the grounds it was too onerous, but only one framer voted to repeal it.

True, one could try to distinguish these other federal mandates from the Affordable Care Act mandate.

One could argue that the laws for seamen and ship owners mandated purchases from people who were already engaged in some commerce.

These reviews will include a list of any prospective mandated health benefits that the General Assemblys Insurance and Real Estate Committee plans to introduce each legislative session and requests to be evaluated.

In addition, the law requires that there be a retrospective review of all statutorily mandated health benefits existing on or effective July 1, 2009.

It enacted a federal law requiring the seamen to buy hospital insurance for themselves.

That’s right, Congress enacted an individual mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance.

In 1790, the very first Congress—which incidentally included 20 framers—passed a law that included a mandate: namely, a requirement that ship owners buy medical insurance for their seamen.


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