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Imagine an online community where you can research and recognize your ancestors…download, print and share historic documents and photos… collaborate and get help in real-time from other researchers….a POWERHOUSE of genealogical discovery specifically focused on African Americans.

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Her 30 years of research led her to create Our Black Ancestry in 2007 to help others trace their family histories.

It also led her to co-author a book: , which was published in 2012 by Beacon Press.

We are proud to announce that Our Black Ancestry is making that dream come true.

We made a MAJOR step forward recently by reformatting our website into a more robust space that offers benefits to both the general public and a membership community.

In my mind, that conundrum beckons the thought that we should be about turning on the light.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two characters: “danger” and “opportunity.” Ben, you may think this episode is the worst PR event of your career, but I challenge you to see it as opportunity.I inherit their story and can either choose to ignore it or to use it to create something positive.Everyone is focused on shaming Ben Affleck for causing his story to be edited for PBS and later rationalizing his request by saying he was embarrassed for that part of his family history to be told.My interpretation is that this is the dialogue we are all trying to avoid.Let’s not talk about fixing the legacy from slavery.For members, we will function like other genealogical societies do.

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