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A North Carolina man had to call Animal Control on Wednesday after finding an 800-pound cow in his family's back-yard swimming pool.

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'It's surrounded by landscaping and cows tend to graze, so we think she was crazing and walked across the pool cover, thinking it was solid.' Arsenault explained.

And because there was no way out, once it fell into the water it was stuck there until a team of 10 animal-rescuers was able to get a lasso around its horns.

Burt Thornburg (left), who owns the pool, called 911 after finding the cow.

Jenna Arsenault (right), the county's chief Animal Control officer, said when they arrived they found the cow staring at them from inside the pool Once they were able to get the animal's two front legs stabilized on the concrete, she said everyone started pulling.

'I come running out here and there was a set of horns up underneath the cover,' Thornburg told WBTV.


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