Mason dating daughter of another mason trey songz and teyana taylor dating

You see, I have read and reread your post on Marriage Wrecking Ball and multiple other articles on the Masons and more specifically the Royal Order of Jesters.

It is like reading my life through countless other women's posts.

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For 18 years my husband and I were partners in life. I was greeted with a cold reception from the other wives .

My husband assured me that would change if I would join the women's groups.

Invariably, family neglect leads to heartbreak and divorce. Now after 19 years i am going to have to learn to live without my wonderful -best friend i ever had - my husband. He became a master mason , Shriner and a member of the Q.

It is outrageous that this satanic cult has been allowed have done a lot of research on this group and i hate to break the news to everyone: it is a CULT!! THANK YOU MASONS I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTHER MARRIAGE!!!!! At first I went with him to functions that wives were allowed to attend.

After twenty six years our marriage is ending with divorce. In it I found a prostitute service Shriners use when away from wives.

I found the name of one of the wives that he shares a porn site with.

I am hoping that sending this email won't hurt me but help me.

I am seeking answers but I do not know where to find them.

Sunday 1st October saw the start of a new venture for peripatetic lodge Ambassadors No.


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