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In the 1680's, under the rule of Johann Christian I.

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This indicates that slow p H recovery rates can be ascribed to low proportions of biodegradable OC.

The OC composition can be explained by: (I) sedimentation of organic materials which were already highly biodegraded during formation of river sediments, and (II) selective preservation of lignin and lipids due to permanent waterlogging.

* CNN - Emergency on helicopter as Nepal quake victim stops breathing.

For those with the resources and willingness to do so, you can DONATE TO THE RED CROSS now, with its current relief efforts for Nepal, here. As time progresses and the affected Nepalese cities and regions rebuild, we will update this website to the best of our ability.

This small, picturesque town is a frequent host for conferences in the arts and sciences.

It also boasts several retreats for artists, writers, and musicians.

The Rosenbergs maintained their seat there until 1602.

During this time, the town experienced its greatest prosperity, with rapid economic development, construction of new buildings, and the expansion of trade with other cities in the region.

In the second generation of their rule, Joseph Adam zu Schwarzenberg began extensive reconstruction of the castle.

During this time, the castle was developed with a Baroque character.

Some other worthy organization's earthquake relief efforts, (among many), include: AID NEPAL, and UNICEF. is currently seeking royalty free images of the city and surrounding region of Patan, Nepal- and the people living there- for use on our webpages.

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