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If you want to stay out of difficulties you can select all the types of your material from only one row of the table below.

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The third taxonomy that was mentioned above, concerning the existence of Remember, too, that once the analysis is finished, and before reporting its results, you should assess their validity.

The goal of analysis is to arrange the collected material so that the answer to the initial problem of the project reveals itself.

This operation, which you normally have to do manually, means for example When contemplating the merits and weaknesses of various methods and tools the crucial point is certainly their ability in uncovering the hidden relationships, the invariances in the source data.

Nevertheless you should not forget that the analysis tool must also present the findings that became revealed during the analysis.

Likewise, also in descriptive study the output end of analysis can be decisive in the case that the project is seeking knowledge about a firmly defined question.

Should this knowledge be produced in a certain format?

Indeed, modern computers are powerful tools for analysis, but you have to remember that they have severe restrictions, too.

What the machine demands, above all, is that the material it receives be suitable for electronic manipulations.

The problem dictates what kinds of information has to be analyzed, and on the type of information depends which tools can be used to handle it.

If you are doing descriptive research you can usually choose the problem to be studied, and select also the types of information you want to collect and analyze.

Usual classes of information that you will deal with in the research and development of products include: As the table above already indicates, it quite often happens that you will find no computer program that could handle all the types of data that you want to analyze.


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