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Also, it seems to mis-report certain stocks that have split, like GOOG (shows a price of 000/share).The app was working great, then all of a sudden the live tile stopped working for a while, so I decided to reinstall it.

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There is no software package to install and update, and users do not usually need to worry about platform compatibility.

With the majority of individual investors using online brokerages, the merits of using a separate site to track investments may seem redundant.

Equity Stat’s portfolio manager was built for investors by investors.

As investors we found many portfolio managers just didn’t work how we wanted them to.

Whether the portfolio manager was from a brokerage account, mutual fund or from a software company, many just didn’t work well.

This was a driving force for us building Equity Stat’s portfolio manager.We didn’t want our portfolio manager to behave this way.With our portfolio manager your prices and portfolio values are updated automatically without you having to refresh the page.Please install the app, then select your preferred language when you open it. Know more about your money with the world’s best financial news and data.Grow your finances with handy tools and calculators, any time and anywhere.Missing financial calculators, videos based on source and ability to store articles in Reading List.


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