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After completing my examination and testing, he explained the results in extensive detail, both verbally and with written information.For the first time in seven years, I finally had answers that made sense!

I felt hopeful and excited to begin my course of treatment.

After four months of treatment, I was having results as expected and explained by Dr. He had me continue my course of treatment with a few minor changes.

Any exposure to bath products left me in pain and emotional turmoil.

I had seen multiple doctors with minimal results and had almost given up hope when I found out about Dr. I decided to take the plunge after hearing success stories of his other patients!

I felt self conscious and embarrassed during times of intimacy and was always concerned of odor when going out in public; although bathing was a daily task.

I became very depressed and desperate to find a cure for my issue.I combed the internet for a glimmer of hope and finally located Dr. I was initially skeptical as I had seen at least eight physicians; all with the same diagnosis and treatments.Prepared to give it one final attempt, I contacted and made my first appointment with Dr. In January 2017, I made the trip from Tennessee to Arizona with cautious excitement. Fowler was quite familiar with my case due to his thorough questionnaire from my online registration.If you have external burning, itching, irritation and or dryness and wish to do something immediately before you have the opportunity to come see Dr. Holland, Michigan"I've suffered from vulvodynia for 35 years. I went to see three different gynecologists, a urologist, a chiropractor, tried acupuncture, special diets and physical therapy and nothing was working. Pacific Palisades, California"If I were to put it into one sentence, it would be "Dr. My only option was dwindling down to ending my life in the two years of hell I experienced before finally getting Dr. I had seen my general practitioner, 3 gynecologists, a urologist, and a pain clinic totaling over 80 medical appointments. Every physician diagnosed me with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.Fowler in Phoenix, click on the button located above on the header above titled "Products for Sensitive Genital Skin." Order this collection of products and get underway! After battling chronic vaginal infection for nearly a year, I developed unprovoked vulvodynia. I've seen a plethora of doctors, so many I've lost count. I've spent enough money on homeopaths, natural-paths, acupuncture, physical therapy, supplements, shamans and allopathic doctors to buy a house. Meanwhile I had to take leave of absence from work because I was unable to sit for long periods of time because of burning. I was a guinea pig and prescribed 28 different medications, costing more than 00.00, none of which eased the endless suffering. This journey is not over, but I am seeing the light at the end of this dark long tunnel. My symptoms were vaginal itching, severe burning and rawness both internally and externally during and after intercourse. On my visit to my gynecologist he said he could no longer help me and suggested that I see Dr. I made my appointment and on my first visit he recommended changing the soaps that I used and gave my three medications.


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