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Grisebach was later professor for natural history at the University of Göttingen and director of the botanical garden there.In 1839 he undertook an extensive tour from Germany to Bursa in Turkey and returned via the southwestern Balkans.

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For this reason I listened to the pronunciations carefully and tried to write them down as accurately as possible.

To avoid errors and misinterpretations that could arise from this state of affairs, geographers would be well advised to listen carefully to the sounds of the native languages and then try to come to an agreement on the right historical form.

It flows right through the town from one end to the other.

It was a wild torrent with a rapid fall as it passed below my house.

The naked lads spent all day here and paid no heed whatsoever to the washerwomen busy doing their laundry at the same spot.

Further down was the bazaar that stretched along the riverbank.Leka's grandfather Zog I, fled when Italian Fascist troops invaded Albania in 1939, a year after his wedding with Hungary's princess Geraldine Apponyi.The royal family was forbidden to return until the fall of communism in 1990.Tirana (AFP) - Prince Leka, the sole descendant of Albania's last king, married popular actress Elia Zaharia on Saturday in a ceremony attended by the Spanish queen and several former royals.It was the first wedding in Tirana of a member of the deposed royal family since 1938.Albania was isolated during the communist era and closed to the outside world and the descendants of Zog were considered traitors.


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