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The case remained cold until 2005 when Hansen committed suicide.

Sadly, no one has ever come forward to identify Jane Doe, and her motivation remains a mystery.

Nineteen-year-old Rhonda Hinson worked a clerical job at a steel company in Hickory, North Carolina.

Her subsequent investigation would uncover allegations of shoddy police work and a potential cover-up.

Harvey Mallove, a former mayor of New London, was considered a potential suspect because he had driven through the area at the time of Kevin’s death, but provided testimony which contradicted eyewitness accounts of the accident.

She died with headphones on, listening to the famous “2000-Year-Old Man” comedy routine by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner.

The most intriguing aspect of Jane Doe’s suicide was that she was found in the section of the cemetery where deceased infants were buried.

A prominent local legend was that she suffered divine retribution for daring to drink so much on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve 1973, 20-year-old college student Kevin Showalter and his girlfriend were driving through New London, Connecticut when their vehicle got a flat tire.

Christmas is supposed to be a season of joy and peace.

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