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Notwithstanding the fact that, Yvonne indeed indicate, her baby daddy has already fathered a child to another woman - but failed to state, whether he is married or not.In what we reported to be a leaked chat, Keela said Jamie is a “lazy ass, broke ex-convict and woman abuser.” Keela who is a Nigerian also stays in London, United Kingdom.

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“I want to hold it until I get married.”“I lost my virginity to my oldest sister’s best friend,” explains one Lagos guy.

“I was a novice, so I didn’t know anything about sex, so the girl was just teasing me because she knew I was losing my virginity.”However, there remain serious issues of consent in Nigeria, as we discovered when we asked one girl how she lost her virginity:“We didn’t plan it,” says one Lagos girl.

It’s a question that gives an insight into the person and into society and their approach to sex.

And we came up with some interesting and honest answers, results, and insights into the reason why, when, and how Nigerians lose their virginity.“I went to his house, and made him a good meal, and after eating, said let’s go to the bedroom, let’s do it small small, don’t pain me abeg,” explains one Lagos girl.

“It was my boyfriend, but the guy forced me, it was kind of rape.”In 2015 Durex, the condom maker, polled around the world and found Nigerians to be the most sexually satisfied country in the world, with Nigerians spending not less than 24 minutes having sex.

As you can see from the map above – Nigerians report some of the most exciting sex life’s in the world. Gist us in the comments below, and don’t forget to click subscribe.Lizy Suleman, wife of the senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, Johnson Suleman, has addressed the alleged sex scandal involving her husband and Stephanie Otobo.Otobo said that she had an affair with Apostle John Suleman and he tried to kill her.In the forex market, you only need to choose a good broker and gain ... @siteadmin Am I the only one who thinks Orton will still return to his roots - PDP? During the first three months of 2017, nearly 1600 Nigerian girls arrived to Italy by sea and we estimate that at least 80% of them are doomed to be placed on the paid sex market.

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