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It looked to me like there was a decent selection of machines.

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Bowling carries an extra fee of $5 per person per game.

(I don’t know about you, but I’d feel a little funny bowling alone.

(Not enough to want to do it, but enough to want to learn more about it.) I had a nice long chat with the doctor who performs these treatments.

It’s a lovely, relaxing facility with men’s and women’s locker rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis, as well as these wonderful heated seats made of tile that look like they would be hard and uncomfortable, but were in fact very, very comfy.

The sauna has large windows looking out to sea for fantastic views.

I could spend a lot of time at this spa being pampered during a cruise.

This is the spa for people who aren’t happy with the way they look and aren’t afraid to spend huge gobs of money fixing it, apparently.

To be honest, this is a whole other world for me, and I was fascinated by it.

And then there’s always gambling I told you this ship reminded me of Las Vegas!

There’s a very large casino that takes up quite a lot of space on Deck 6.

This might be the perfect opportunity to pull together some other solo cruisers for a game!

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